Hey #GOOBsters,

So since my last post I have been ‘brain storming’ by writing endless ‘mind maps’….pardon the puns, looking at how I can represent #GOOB in my new, hopefully 3D work.

IMG_20141022_162519 (1)
Reoccurring themes were that of transforming M.S into something precious and tactile with a delicate aesthetic, I love this idea on paper but will I be able to conjure this 3D beauty?


I began by looking at the beautiful organic shapes of my nasty lesions as I always do but this time the challenge was to try and interpret them as solid 3D objects.
So I doodled and doodled trying to get on paper what I had in my head which was quite tricky! I was also trying to think what it was I actually wanted to make, what the finished product would be, so i doodled some more and drew over Vogue fashion spreads to see what the shapes looked like on the body, but it just wasn’t working!


I usually get inspiration by design through making, trying out ideas by making little maquettes to see what works and what doesn’t. So that will be the next step, laser cutter and good old plasticine here I come!

I was also inspired by last weeks amazing show, Grayson Perry:Who Are You, where the eccentric potter interviews and bonds with various subjects to then create of a portrait of them using his very distinct concepts and artistic interpretation, which utterly wowed me. This got me thinking about #GOOB and made me realise that what I am creating will be my very own self portrait, I don’t know why this took me so long to realise but I am so happy that I did!

Right it’s soul searching time and lets see what happens!!

Stay tuned,
Kirsty xx


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