Fundraising, creating and fatiguing!


Hello everyone!

So I have been a very busy girl…
I have been designing and making work for my new capsule collection, ‘Established 2007’, which is the first collection that will come under the name of my new business, ‘Charcot’.
I have also been organising an M.S fundraiser along with the launch of ‘Charcot’, which will take place as you can see, on World MS Day…this Wednesday 28th May at Wasps Studios in Dundee.

If you are free please come along, there will be super tasty cakes from The Santangeli Cakery, one or two delightful beverages and a Silent Auction, where you could treat yourself to some wonderful buys from local designers and artists and all proceeds raised will be going straight to M.S Society Scotland.
Oh and your chance to see what has been happening at ‘Charcot’ head quarters of course!

This is all very exciting and I am very pleased with what I have achieved so far.
But I am not going to lie, I have never experienced this amount of stress or fatigue since diagnosis. It has made me realise not only how much work goes into organising an event and also that designing and making the work at the same time as doing all this might have been a little bit too much for just myself to take on, but the main realisation is that I need to pace myself.
I have always told people,that ‘I am one of the lucky ones with M.S, I am not really severely affected by it like others.’.
Well this has been a major wake up call. Even after years of diagnosis, it has finally sunk in, I am not the person I used to be, I cant do it all, every day and night and jeez couldn’t even pull an all nighter even if I tried, unlike back in the day finishing course work the night before it was due in!
Maybe I have been in denial these past few years, I don’t know?! But I do know I need to listen to my body and slow it down when it says so!

On the plus side….this realisation has made me even more determined to make people aware of Multiple Sclerosis! As so many of the symptoms and problems MSers have to deal with on a daily basis are invisible people need to be educated!!
So after the launch and fundraiser…thats my next project! After my holiday of course!! 😛

Ok rant over!
I hope to see you all on Wednesday evening!

Take it easy!