Stick MS

Hey everyone!

So much for blogging once a week! I have been super busy but fear not I will tell all…eventually!

Lets start with what I got up to last month! I journeyed down to London for my annual neurology appointment with Dr Raj Kapoor at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Some how I managed to stretch what would only need to be a two day trip into a whole week! I am so glad I did as I had time to meet up with some great creative people and see some amazing things.

So where to start?!
Well apart from meeting up with some of my best friends, eating out A LOT, and having my Neurology appointment,which went very well! I also had a great meeting with Freddie Yauner, a marvellous Designer and more importantly the Creative Director of ShiftMS.
I have known Freddie for years, as I interviewed him while researching my degree show project in 2010. Since then we have kept in touch, which has been great and I am also a regular user of ShiftMS, it is a great source to find out what is going on with MS  in the medical world but also on a social aspect as the only person that can truly understand an MSer is another MSer!
Anyway, I was really excited to meet Freddie this time and to tell him all about my current work and new business plan as it has developed so much since my degree show work. While we both stuffed our faces with amazing Japanese cuisine, I explained how I was now using MS in a totally different way to inspire my work and what I planned to do next. He had an extremely positive reaction to it, so much so that when talking about ShiftMS projects that are in the pipeline, we decided to collaborate on a 3D  project.


In a way we will be ‘Growing MS’ with the help of 3D printing. We aim to develop beautiful, wearable 3D pieces for a future project. This excites me greatly as I have never seen MS and more specifically MS lesions, looked at in this creative way before.

Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 14.07.59

MS will become something tactile we can all hold, wear and take ownership of, which is a long time in coming.
For a change we all can be in control of Multiple Sclerosis and I can’t wait.
Exciting updates coming soon! xx


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